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Bill Cosby - Badfoot Brown and The Bunions Bradford Funeral and Marching Band (2009) (Audio CD - 6/24/2008)

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No funny jokes here, as the album's an all-instrumental jam from the mind of Bill Cosby, one of the few sets ever cut by his short-lived Bunions Bradford Band. The record's quite different than anything you might expect from Cosby, quite dark at times, with a really freaked-out, messed-up quality that might almost be described as psychedelic funk. Instrumentation is heavily electric, inspired by Miles Davis according to the notes, with some amazingly heavy keyboards from Bill Cosby himself. The groove stretches out massively on the album's two long tracks, filled with loads of funky riffs, heavy drums, and some wicked edits in the studio. Other musicians aren't listed, but we're betting they include Stu Gardner and some of the LA players who worked on other Cosby vocal albums. And although this one might work in the comedy racks, it's got greater appeal to fans of funky jazz and heavy soul. The record's awash in hip 70s instrumental styles and feels more like some mad blacksploitation soundtrack or funk jam session gone wild than Bill's regular comedy albums. A crate-diggers treasure, reissued for the first time ever!

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Disc 1

1 Martin's Funeral (15:31)
2 Hybish Shybish (20:15)

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