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Negima!? Spring and Summer Specials - (Wide Screen - DVD - 2008)

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Two OVAs made in 2006 continue the hijinks of the harem comedy Negima! (2003), based on the manga by Ken Akamatsu, the creator of the popular Love, Hina. Ten-year-old Welsh wizard-in-training Negi Springfield continues teaching at the Mahora Academy--and remains the object of the entire student body's affection. In the Spring adventure, class rep Ayaka and the rest of the girls try to heal a quarrel between Negi and Asuna by taking a trip to a tropical island. Yuecchi messes up a spell in the Summer story, and ties Negi to the shy Nodoka by a red string. The string will stay on all through the day--the day the girls have decided to spend at a luxurious spa. Both episodes deliver plenty of fan service shots of cleavage, panties, and nudity. The sight of overly well-endowed teenaged girls fondling a prepubescent little boy has a decidedly unwholesome tone, but it's exactly what fans of Negima! want and expect. (Rated TV MA: suitable for ages 14 and older: nudity, risqué and toilet humor, cartoon violence, tobacco use)
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Disc #1 -- Negima: Ova
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Audio: English Stereo
Audio: Japanese Stereo
Subtitles: On
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Schoolgirl Commentary - Summer
Textless Songs
Spring: Opening - Dream Everyone
Spring: Closing - Good Morning!
Summer: Opening - Love Sensation
Summer: Closing - Magical Happiness

School Rumble
Ouran High School Host Club
Peach Girl
Save Me! Lollipop
Rumbling Hearts

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