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Saw VI (Blu-ray - 2010)

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The Saw series gains a commendable hint of social conscience with this sixth entry in the gleefully gruesome franchise. That's not to say that the creators have abandoned the films' main focus--dealing out hideous punishments for wrongdoers, courtesy its antihero, John Kramer/Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), who remains very dead as of this film--but screenwriters Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton (who have penned every Saw pic since IV) deserve a note of recognition for pointing Jigsaw's moral fury at the insurance industry, which is personified by key victim Peter Outerbridge's oily exec. His decision to deny Kramer an experimental cancer treatment (all told in flashback) lands him and a handful of additional lost souls (all connected, of course) in yet another Rube Goldbergian chamber of horrors overseen by Jigsaw's acolyte, Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor). The improbability of the infernal machines continues to reach hysterical levels here, though the payoffs remain exceptionally gross, especially in the opener, which plays on the Shakespearean "pound of flesh" riff with spectacularly nauseating results. Aside from the insurance angle, there's little to differentiate Saw VI from its predecessors, and precious less to convince the nonfaithful that the series isn't spinning its wheels by this point--and based on the film's tepid opening-weekend box office, audiences may agree--but for Saw die-hards, there's much bloody business on hand here, and best of all, the promise of another sequel.
Condition:NEW. Brand New Factory Sealed

Product Details
UPC: 031398117018
Region Code: A
Presentation: Wide Screen
Sound: DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound
Language: English, English
Subtitles: Español
Editions: Uncensored, Bonus DVD
Time: 1:32:00
Sales Rank: 22,935

Audio commentary with producer Mark Burg and executive producers Peter Block and Jason Constantine; Audio commentary with director Kevin Greutert and writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton; Jigsaw revealed; The traps of Saw VI ; A killer Maze - making Saw: game over; Music videosPerformance Credits
Costas Mandylor
(Films) Hoffman
Tobin Bell (Films) Jigsaw/John Betsy Russell
(Films) Jill Shawnee Smith
(Films)(Music) Amanda Mark Rolston Erickson
Peter Outerbridge William
Samantha Lemole Pamela Jenkins
Caroline Cave Debbie
George Newbern Harold
Darius McCrary Dave
Shauna MacDonald Tara
Devon Bostick Brent
Tanedra Howard Simone
James Gilbert Aaron
Larissa Gomes Emily
James Van Patten Coroner
Shawn Ahmed Allen
Karen Cliche Shelby
Marty Moreau Eddie
Janelle Hutchison Addy
Ginger Busch Sachi
Mpho Koaho Tim
Shawn Mathieson Josh
Melanie Scrofano Gena
Dan Duran Newscaster
Jon Mack Female Addict
Francois Sagat Male Addict
Elle Downs Clinic Nurse
Tenika Davis Irate Clinic Woman
Karl Campbell Security Guard
Jessie Rusu Female Officer
Gerry Mendicino Janitor
Athena Karkanis Agent Perez
Technical Credits
Kevin Greutert Director
David Armstrong Cinematographer
Troy Begnaud Co-producer
Tom Bjelic Sound/Sound Designer
Peter Block Executive Producer
Mark Burg Producer
Charlie Clouser Score Composer
Jason Constantine Executive Producer
Andrew Coutts Score Composer, Editor
Kym Crepin Production Manager
Marcus Dunstan Screenwriter
Stephanie Gorin Casting
Daniel Jason Heffner Executive Producer
Gregg Hoffman Producer
Tony Ianni Production Designer
Alex Kavanagh Costumes/Costume Designer
Kaleigh Kavanagh Associate Producer
Oren Koules Producer
Elis Lam Art Director
Brent McGillivray Set Decoration/Design
Patrick Melton Screenwriter
Rob Sanderson Special Effects Supervisor
Stacey Testro Executive Producer
James Wan Executive Producer
Steve Webb Asst. Director
Leigh Whannell Executive Producer

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