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127 Hours: Music from the Motion Picture by Various Artists (Audio CD - 2010) - [Soundtrack]

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Director Danny Boyle followed up his Oscar-winning Mumbai fairy tale Slumdog Millionaire with the true story of a mountain climber who saws his own arm off with a utility tool while trapped beneath a boulder in a Southern Utah canyon. While the two films couldn†t be further apart in terms of subject matter, a common thread was established by utilizing composer A.R. Rahman, who trades the Bollywood excesses of his work on Millionaire for a more subdued, atmospheric set of compositions that embrace a more Western approach. Peppered with a handful of tracks from the likes of Bill Withers, Sigur Rós, and Free Blood, Rahman's score is introduced on "†The Canyon,†" a sensual, string-laden daydream of a cut that echoes the vastness of the American Southwest. A suite of pieces that fall under the name "†Liberation†" serves as 127 Hours' backbone. Tense and largely guitar-driven, the pieces ramp up as the soundtrack nears its end, occasionally exploding into action-packed staccato cues bursting with Indian pop mysticism. The collection closes with "†If I Rise,†" a duet between Rahman and Dido that echoes Peter Gabriel and Sinéad O'Connor's "Blood of Eden."
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1 Never Hear Surf Music Again / Free Blood 5:51
2 The Canyon
3 Liberation Begins 2:14
4 Touch of the Sun 4:39
5 Lovely Day / Bill Withers 4:16
6 Nocturne No. 2 in E flat, Op. 9/2 4:01
7 Ça Plane Pour Moi / Plastic Bertrand 2:59
8 Liberation in a Dream 4:05
9 If You Love Me (Really Love Me) / Esther Phillips 3:27
10 Acid Darbari
11 R.I.P. 5:10
12 Liberation
13 Festival / Sigur Rós 9:25
14 If I Rise

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