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Roligheten - Homegrown ( AUDIO CD 11-10-2017 )

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Roligheten is the last name of saxophonist André, who’s album Homegrown I’ve spent some time listening to, and which you’re about to learn more about. But Roligheten is a peculiar name for me coming from André’s neighboring country Sweden. Roligheten is not only the name of a very small village in Sweden, with about 85 inhabitants. It’s also a village in Norway, in the Telemark region. (Telemark by the way is known to me as a form of alpine skiing with a free heel, as opposed to the most common ways of alpine skiing where the whole ski boot is fixed to the binding of the ski. It looks very elegant and free when you see a skilled telemark skier in the alps). Roligheten as a noun, in Swedish, is a form of witticism or fun joke. But there’s more. Rolig happens to be the Swedish word for funny, where as in Norway AND Denmark the word rolig means calm.



1 Bratsberg Boogie 10:57
2 Nidkjær 2:58
3 Telemark Tango 8:16
4 Syvsover 6:26
5 Omkalfatring 3:54
6 Saft Suse 9:00
7 Myse 1:29
8 Kathleen Gray 2:34

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