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Tom Guarna - The Wishing Stones ( AUDIO CD 2017 )

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The title is inspired by a trip to Aruba’s Rock Wish Garden, which features thousands of stone totems constructed by visitors, each representing a prayer, wish, or aspiration of it’s creator. Similarly each composition on The Wishing Stones is an emblem for an emotion, memory, or dedication by the guitarist. The music ranges from pure, expressive melodies to exciting lines unfurling from Guarna’s glowing, quicksilver guitar tone over the momentum of the band. Cowherd, Patitucci, and Blade each shine throughout this album, whether trading solos with the guitarist or playing the perfect accompaniment for the song. Guarna’s reputation as a guitarist’s guitarist and outstanding musician has long been known amongst his peers. Framing his compositions, sound, and improvising amongst a trio of a well known rhythm section will expose him to a wider jazz audience and solidify his stature as one of the most exciting guitarists on the scene.



1. Prelude 2:18 -
2. Song for Carabello 5:15 -
3. Surrender Song 7:04 -
4. Hope 7:17 -
5. Moment = Eternity 9:35 -
6. Unravel 7:23 -
7. Modules 6:57 -
8. The Wishing Stones 8:24 -
9. Beacon 9:31 -
10. Run Signal 5:24 -
11. Native Tongue 4:53 -

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